An open letter to Israel’s widows and orphans on Remembrance Day

Dear widows and orphans, Remembrance Day is almost here again. This year, just as every year, many citizens will attend heart-rending ceremonies at the country’s cemeteries to honor their loved ones who departed too soon while defending the Zionist dream, the Jewish state.

The citizens of Israel unite on this day behind the screen of sadness, while in the background are the many stories, perhaps too many, of the fallen heroes who gave their lives for their homeland and endangered themselves for all our sakes.

Homeless women found living at Ben Gurion Airport

At least three homeless women were found to be living at Ben-Gurion Airport recently, with staff’s full knowledge and often with their help.

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According to a Channel 2 report on Sunday, the women eat, shower and sleep at the arrivals terminal at the airport. One of the woman landed in Israel a short time ago and has never left the airport.

Eight Degrees of Giving

Human nature is to desire to be self-sufficient. Most of us are uncomfortable being takers and prefer earning our own keep. If, due to dire circumstances, we find ourselves on the receiving end, our reaction is generally one of mortification.

The Torah is acutely sensitive to the precarious dynamic between patrons and their beneficiaries.

The Gate of Heaven - Mikdash HaMoshiach - RayEl

Israeli Mystic Rabbi Amram Vaknin Receives New, Urgent Message from Heaven

Last week, Rabbi Amram Vaknin of Ashdod, Israel, who has become well-known for receiving spiritual messages from Heaven, was given a strong warning for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Vaknin routinely prays for the safety and security of the Jewish people with a group of his followers in holy places throughout Israel. Last week’s prayer gathering, the thirty-first the group has undertaken, was held at the cave of Elijah the Prophet in Haifa in northern Israel.

Autism: ‘It is not a disability, it is extreme sensitivity to your surroundings’

Guy Shahar who lives with his son Daniel in south west London wants to redefine the condition in a bid to change the way some parents understand their children.

He said that far from being a disability, autism is simply a condition of ‘profound sensitivity to emotional and sensory stimulus’, and that if they are properly understood and treated accordingly, autistic children have ‘astonishing potential’.