Yet another mass fish kill at Eloor - Mikdash HaMoshiach - Temple of the Messiah

Mass die off of fish found in a river in Eloor, India

Another mass fish kill was found in the Eloor-Edayar belt of the Periyar again on Wednesday. Dead fish were found on both sides of the Pathalam regulator-cum-bridge in large numbers.

Lack of oxygen in water is said to be the reason for the incident.

This is the second time in the last one week that dead fish has surfaced on a large-scale. Last week, fish kill was spotted on Thursday and Friday.

Fighting in Syria World Leaders Gather - Mikdash HaMoshiach - RayEl RaEl

Fighting continues in Syria as world leaders gather

World leaders have renewed their calls for a cessation of hostilities in Syria after meeting in Vienna, hoping to restart peace talks aimed at halting Syria’s civil war.

The meeting in the Austrian capital on Tuesday was led by John Kerry, US secretary of state; Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister; and Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy to Syria, as well as other leaders from the 17-nation International Syria Support Group (ISSG).

Fires Break Out, Hundreds Seek Medical Aid as Massive Record-Breaking Heat Wave Continues

Brush fires rage through the country and hundreds suffer from heat-related maladies as a massive, record-breaking heat wave reaches its peak, with temperatures shooting up mercilessly from north to south.

The brutal heat wave, which began on Sunday, is expected to continue through the beginning of the week. Sunday saw temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the country.

Hundreds Suffer Ill Effects From Heat Wave in Israel

The extreme heat wave, or “sharav” that began on Saturday in Israel has brought with it warnings to Israelis not to forget to keep drinking water.

Those with medical conditions, the elderly, young, and pregnant are urged to remain indoors with fans or air conditioning as much as possible.

Temperatures spiked on Sunday, reaching into the 40s celsius (100s fahrenheit) in desert and beach areas such as Eilat, where it reached as high as 45 / 113 degrees.

Massive Heat Wave Leads to Brush Fires Across Israel

The heat wave that afflicted the entire country Sunday will continue Monday, with the exception of the coastal plain, which will enjoy a slight drop in temperatures thanks to a breeze from the Mediterranean Sea.

Temperatures rose above 40 degrees Celsius in several places on Sunday. Eilat recorded an all-time high for May, at 46 degrees, according to the Israel Meteorological Service. Temperatures hit 43.4 degrees in Be’er Sheva, 40.6 degrees in Beit Dagan, 37.1 degrees in Jerusalem and 33.9 degrees in Safed.

Vital Statistics: Latest Population Statistics for Israel – Jewish Virtual Library

The Jewish population makes up 6,377,000 (74.8%); 1,771,000 (20.8%) are Arabs; and, those identified as “others” (non-Arab Christians, Baha’i, etc) make up 4.4% of the population (374,000 people). When the state was established, there were only 806,000 residents and the total population reached its first and second millions in 1949 and 1958 respectively. Judging by current population trend data, experts predict that the population of Israel will reach 10 million by 2025 or sooner.

Russia Ready For War - Mikdash HaMoshiach - RayEl RaEl


MOSCOW — As American and allied officials celebrated the opening of a long-awaited missile defense system in Europe with a ribbon cutting and a band, the reaction in Russia on Thursday was much bleaker and suggested the system had raised the risks of a nuclear war.

Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, also known as “Vladimir the Ruthless” reiterated their position that the American-built missile defense shield compromised Russia’s security, and could be used for launching a quick, devastating first strike against Russia.