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Jews Finally Call for Synagogue on Temple Mount in Response to Muslim Takeover

The area was closed 16 years ago by court order after it was used as a meeting place for Hamas-related organizations. Last Friday, Arabs began protesting and broke the lock, entering the site.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the site closed but the police have yet to carry out that order. Haaretz reported that the Waqf (Muslim authority) director-general Sheikh Azzam al-Hatib requested permission from the police to bring construction materials into Sha’ar HaRachamim for renovations and according to Waqf sources, his request was not denied.


UN slanders Israel yet again, saying IDF intentionally shot Muslim women and children on Gaza border

UN report claims Israeli snipers knowingly shot at ‘health workers and children’
They say soldiers may have committed war crimes in response to Gaza unrest
Israel rejected the findings of the UN probe, calling it ‘hostile and biased’
At least 251 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since March 2018
Hamas calls for Israel to be held accountable after the UN Gaza probe


Bible prophecy COMING TRUE? Third Temple in Jerusalem ‘on the table’ proves Jesus’ return

“Turkey’s one of them, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, ok? There’s six nations there.

“And he’s talking to them about this Middle East peace deal and he’s going to give them the private revelation of how this thing’s going to work. This is huge.”

A number of passages in the Bible allude to the Third Temple returning to Jerusalem before the end of the world.


Message From Autistic Child in Jerusalem: Messiah is About to be Revealed

Two young autistic men in Jerusalem have garnered much attention for several years. The most recent communication, given over by ‘Daniel’ (not his real name), was published on the website Ki La’Hashem Melucha, a Hebrew language website dealing with Jewish mysticism and the end-of-days. Daniel’s message warns that the final stages preceding Messiah are imminent and they will be difficult. He also describes how to prepare for them.