Our Mission Statement:

“To prepare the way for Moshiach’s arrival, by building unity through teachings of love and understanding.” “To raise and disperse funds to worthy causes in the name of the Moshiach.” “To build a congregation preparing the people for His arrival, to spread word about Moshiach and His teachings, to act as liaisons between the Moshiach and outside agencies.”


Bible prophecy and End of Days fulfillments, many precious truths are being revealed today. We link it all together; Nibiru and the Ancient Sumerian history, the Torah, Tanakh, Gospel accounts, the Coming of Messiah, and Torah/Bible Code, we look at how it all fits together.


If you are looking for a comprehensive biblical and extra-biblical learning experience, incorporated with the worship of One God YHVH, then we are the place for you!


We offer guest sermon or guest lecturer services to congregations or religious and theological study groups. If you would like to join us for study and worship, or need a guest speaker at your next event, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.


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